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(575) 323-0777 LLC LLC dba LASCRUCESCCW.COM, provides concealed carry training classes in Las Cruces, NM so you can obtain a ccw license/ permit from New Mexico.  New Mexico residents who carry concealed must have a New Mexico Concealed Carry license. We will also assist you in getting a Arizona ccw, and the coveted 7-year Florida ccw license / permit, in addition to your New Mexico concealed carry permit.  Arizona and Florida fingerprints must be done on paper cards unless you are a resident of Arizona or Florida.  Florida requires a law enforcement department take your fingerprints.  All of the instructors at are current active Law Enforcement so unlike most,  we can take your fingerprints for both the Arizona and Florida licenses. New Mexico fingerprints are taken electronically at certain locations only. We can assist you in registering for electronic prints after our CCW Class. is owned and operated by Law Enforcement local to Las Cruces and all classes are taught by Law Enforcement that live right here in the Las Cruces local area.  Please be aware that several companies that post ads on Facebook and teach in Las Cruces travel from outside of the area and work out of hotels and sporting goods stores. Where will they be after the class is over and you have questions? We will be here to help after the class is over as we are all local to Las Cruces.

There are several styles of CCW classes taught in Las Cruces.  Some teach very aggressively and physically, doing advanced tactical scenarios during the range training, which might be intimidating to some. Some are unknowingly teaching you things that can land you in jail. We've heard and seen all kinds of things taught. At, we cater specifically to the beginner. Classes are informative and fun. We will do a deep dive in New Mexico law. We don't just tell you what to do, we will show you real life video of what to do and not do. We know that you are not here to be a hero, but to protect what's precious to you in a responsible SAFE manner. We teach in a very comfortable environment.  Male and female alike, you will be treated with dignity and respect and in a comfortable way. We also include training from a female perspective.

What you will receive

When you have successfully completed our full class, you will receive a NM DPS certificate and one from us with our NRA instructor numbers on them. With these two certificates, you can apply to carry in mulitiple states. By applying for the New Mexico ccw permit, Arizona ccw permit, and Florida ccw permit, will allow you to carry in 36 states (at the time of this writing).  Again, we are seeing some websites incorrectly advertising states that Arizona recognizes only if you are an Arizona Resident. At the time of this writing there was one company at the top of the page giving incorrect information! If you go by what they are advertising, you may end up in jail! That is why it is important to get your information from instructors that are current and  active law enforcement. Remember, as a New Mexico Resident, you must have a New Mexico Concealed carry license. The other licenses come in handy when traveling to a state without New Mexico Reciprocity.


We want your business and we want you to tell your friends about us.  Food and drink is always allowed in our classes. Breaks are frequent. We have purchased a hearing aid compatible sound bar to accommodate our numerous hearing impaired customers. If you need to be accomodated in any fashion, just let us know.


We aren't the cheapest nor the most expensive. You do really get what you pay for in this business. We price our class in the middle at $139 so we can stay reasonable yet still pay our expert staff of officers. We want to make sure that you are taught from the best AND from a law enforcement perspective. We want to make sure aren't taught something that will land you in jail.  We want to make sure you  are taught by professionals that are respectful of your needs.  And we want your questons regarding Law Enforcement interactions with New Mexico Concealed Carry License holders answered.


We are also very flexible. We will come to you if you have a group of 10 or more within 75 miles of Las Cruces (Alamogordo CCW classes, Truth or Consequences CCW classes, Deming CCW classes, Sunland Park CCW classes). We would love to teach at your church after service on Sundays. Just let us know we can schedule a time. Groups of 10 or more may receive a discount (local only).


We started because of the sheer amount of ignorance being taught by New Mexico concealed carry instructors that can land you in jail. We could either complain and be part of the problem or be part of the solution and teach a New Mexico concealed carry class ourselves. We decided to start so you can get a concealed carry class taught straight from the mouth of Law enforcement professionals.


Give the gift of training. Gift Certificates are available HERE

For your Las Cruces CCW Concealed Carry training, please choose, refuse to be a victim, and protect what's precious!

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