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LasCrucesCCW.com concealed carry classes:

Taught by current and active Law enforcement Professionals. Ask us anything. Experienced in New Mexico gun laws.

Top class in Las Cruces because of our lightning fast customer service and our thorough deep dive into New Mexico Law. Plus its anything but boring.

We provide fingerprinting services and will fingerprint you EVEN for the coveted 7-year Florida Concealed Carry License that requires law enforcement fingerprinting only.

NM DPS certificate and second multi-state certificate issued.

Carry a concealed handgun in 36 states *

Portions of the class taught from a female perspective

Beginner friendly

Food and drink always allowed

Frequent breaks

Special Accomodations are usually  no problem

Hands on instruction and video instruction

Real life scenarios that have already happened are reviewed


We will teach CCW classes at your location within 75 miles of Las Cruces (Alamogordo, Truth or Consequences, Deming, Sunland Park) with groups of 10 or more and anywhere in New Mexico with 20 or more.

Group discounts (local only)

We can teach in your church after Sunday morning services.

Expert law enforcement officers to answer your questions and keep you out of jail.

Why is our class so popular and highly rated? New Mexico requires a 15-hour class.  To make it bearable, we do the classroom LIVE via zoom from the comfort of your home, and the hands-on training is done in person at the range. Our class is extremely interactive with student questions being the focus of the class. The class is divided into 4 segments. 1. Beginner firearm safety and handling, basic pistol. 2. An extremely in-depth "deep in the weeds" examination of New Mexico Law. There is no class that goes into greater depth. This is important because New Mexico  Law is different than other states. 3. We SHOW you what to do and when to do it. Lecture doesn't cut it. We use actual surveillance video. 4. Range training. If you are a beginner, don't worry. We will show you how to stand, hold, use, and operate your firearm, in a safe manner. We will go over everything BEFORE you reach the line. You will be amazed of how much you learn, even if you have taken someone else's class in the past. EVERY question will be answered! Our customer service, before, during, and after the class is unmatched anywhere, period!

New Mexico Concealed Carry Class
* At the time of writing, carry in 36 states
  with your NM, AZ, and FL CCW.
NM Resident's must have valid NM CCW to carry in NM.
Q. What is your full price list?
A. Concealed Carry classes are $139.  NM Renewals are $75.  NM Refresher Qualification/adding endorsements $45. For LEOSA. see below. Prices are for prepayment. All registrations must be done online in advance of the class. State registration fees are payable by you directly to each state and are not collected by us. ALL CCW instructors are required to give you their FULL price list in advance. Ours is always posted here online.

    Fingerprints are $8 per card. Fingerprint cards are normally provided by each state. You can purchase cards for $1.00 per card if you forget to bring 
    fingerprint cards. Notary (subject to availability) is $5 per document.  Passport photos are $12.00.  By law NM Gross Receipts tax apply to all
    transactions. Fees for these optional services are not charged in advance.

Q. No one will fingerprint me for the Florida CCW.  Will you?
A. Fingerprinting by us is optional. We will fingerprint you for the Florida CCW for $8. Fingerprints are $8.00 per card. Our
     instructors all work for law enforcement agencies and Florida requires you be fingerprinted by a member of a law enforcement agency. If you don't
     use us, you will have to find a law enforcement agency to do it. Fingerpint services by non-law enforcement are not allowed by the State of Florida.
     We can also fingerprint you for the Arizona application.

Q. Do you do LEOSA qualifications for former Law Enforcement Officers? (HR218)
A. We can qualify you for LEOSA for no extra charge when you are at the range for your CCW qualification. LEOSA qualifications are $23.00, if not
     making another purchase. LEOSA does not cover gun-free school zones, which is why you need CCW's even if you are a current or former law
     enforcement officer traveling to another state.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. We do not offer refunds for any reason. If you are unable to attend the class you registered for, contact us and we will apply your payment to the
     class of your choice within 1-year.

Q. Do I have to get all 3 CCW licenses from NM, AZ, and FL?
A. No, you do not. You can get all three, two, or just one.  As a New Mexico resident, only the NM CCW is good in New Mexico. However, you have the option of applying for AZ  5-year license and the FL 7 year license with our fingerprinting services.

Q. What happens if I don't pass the class? I'm new to protecting myself and my family.
A.  We guarantee that you will pass our class or your remedial class is just $10 if registered within 90 days after the first class (limit 1 per student).
      You must attend the full 15 hour of course instruction to receive a concealed carry certificate, and 4 hours of course instruction to receive a renewal
      certificate. To pass the class you must demonstrate what you have been taught in the classroom regarding firearm safety and proficiency on the
      range. Qualification is 25 total rounds at a 12"x18" paper. (15 rounds at 3 yards and 10 rounds at 7 yards). Four points is scored for each hit. A
     72% score is needed to pass.

Q. Do I need to get fingerprinted before the class? Do I need to do anything to start the process before coming to your class?
A.  No. You do not need to be fingerprinted before class. Once you register and pay for the class, we will assist you and advise you of the next steps
     during the class.  All you need to bring is a fingerprint card that you order directly from the State of Florida (If you want the optional Florida CCW.
     (Link below).  Don't worry, if you forget them, we have extras for $1 each.  Arizona requires two generic fingerprint cards. You may bring your own
     or purchase ours for $1 each.  We will fingerprint you for both states and advise you what you need to do in order to comply with New Mexico's
     fingerprinting policy. Fingerprinting is $8 per card.
     Order Florida  fingerprint cards for free HERE
     Be sure to tick the box for a paper fingerprint card. Paper cards are required unless you live in Florida.

Q. What is your story?
A. We started LasCrucesCCW.com because of things being taught by other New Mexico concealed carry instructors. Pretty much
     anyone can be a CCW instructor and we have seen a lot of ignorant things being taught. It is much better to be taught by instructors that are
     current active law enforcement officers when your freedom is at stake.

Q. How much will the States of New Mexico, Arizona, and Florida charge me to get an initial license or renew a license?
A  For New Mexico, you can download the information HEREFor Arizona click HERE and go to "fees".  For Florida, click HERE. You are responsible
     to deal directly with each state. We are not allowed to intervene on your behalf.

Q. What do I need to bring for qualifications?
A. You need to bring your firearm, 50 rounds of ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection, enough magazines to carry 25 rounds (if you have them available), and a suitable  holster. Please bring 50 rounds of 45 ACP ammunition if you will be using our .45 caliber firearm, subject to availability.

Q. Are weapons allowed in the classroom?
A. No.

Q. I'm former military. Do I need to take the class?
A.  Please click the link  HERE and check to see if you meet the requirements to skip the class. We do not warranty that anyone needs or does not
      need the class. Things change so much that it is best that you read and determine what you need or don't need.

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For your Las Cruces CCW Concealed Carry training, please choose LasCrucesCCW.com, refuse to be a victim, and protect what's precious!
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