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For your Las Cruces CCW Concealed Carry training, please choose LasCrucesCCW.com, refuse to be a victim, and protect what's precious!
Las Cruces CCW concealed carry training class
Las Cruces CCW concealed carry training class
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Did you know that a lot of the ads for concealed carry classes on Facebook and Google are from marketing companies and out of the area traveling companies? When you look up the class address, it comes back to a hotel on Hickory Loop, a sporting goods store, or similar location. Now you know why they charge so much. It's not because they have some special kind of class. It's because the marketing company takes a cut and then pays the actual instructor their normal fee. You are paying more than you have to because there is a middleman. Why deal with out of state and traveling companies?

We have also had some students call us because they took a class online, and after they took the class, they realized that the class really wasn't a local class after-all and had to travel to Albuquerque to shoot at the range if they wanted their certificate.

Another issue is that there are instructors making concealed carry students go through tactical training as part of the class. Tactical training should be a separate class for students who have demonstrated a deep knowledge of firearm handling, not in a concealed carry class. We have had several people complain that they won't go back to their former instructor because they made them go through a tactical range course and they were older and beginners and weren't mobile enough. Tactical training is great. Sign up for it after you have complete firearm knowledge, not during your concealed carry class. Being near someone running around with firearm in hand during a basic CCW class is not a safe practice and not a sign of professional instructors.

There are so many concealed carry scams online. Instead of dealing with out of the area companies, deal with  LOCAL concealed carry instructors like Lascrucesccw.com.  Lascrucesccw.com is owned and operated by Law enforcement LOCAL to Las Cruces. You aren't paying an out of state marketing company. When you register with Lascrucesccw.com, you are dealing directly with us. All of us are active law enforcement from right here in Las Cruces.

We will also give you two separate certificates and will assist you in getting your NM, AZ, and FL concealed carry licenses which will allow you to travel the majority of the United States, legally.  One certificate is not enough.

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